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Bonterra Home has a huge selection of quality and affordable home products; high efficiency ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps.





Bonterra Home has a huge selection of quality and affordable home products; high efficiency ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps. We also carry a large assortment of tankless hot water heaters at great prices.
We are a well-established (2007) company who sells on several well know ecommerce marketplaces and an authorized reseller for all the brands we carry.
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Discover the Best Mini Splits for Sale at Bonterra

In case you are looking for quality mini splits for sale, Bonterra will help you out. Our huge range of mini-split air conditioning systemsensures you are going to find the perfect system to suit your needs. From outfitting new homes to renovating existing spaces, our mini split systems offer you superior efficiency and comfort. Let us discuss why Bonterra is your go-to source for mini-split systems with top brands like Cooper & Hunter.

Why Choose Mini Splits for Your Home?

Mini splits are a lovely option for any modern home or business. They basically livetoria can be installed quickly and efficiently and flexibly. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which require ductwork, mini-splits do not; hence, these kinds of systems are ideal in older buildings or spaces where it might prove impractical to install ducts. At Bonterra, we sell a wide range of mini splits that give you the following advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: Mini-splits are equipped with advanced inverter technology, adjusting the compressor speed for optimal use of energy. This can net savings in energy bills.
  • Zoned Comfort: Mini-splits can control the temperature independently in separate areas at a time. That means customized comfort to your inside home while wasting less energy.
  • Easy Installation: Compared with conventional HVAC, mini-splits are way easier to install. Our trained professionals at Bonterra will have your new system up and running for you in the shortest possible time framed with minimum disruptions to your home or business.

View Our Selection of AC Units for Sale

Bonterra proudly offers a wide array of air conditioners for sale. In our fleet, we have different models suitable for different needs and budgets. powerful ones that shall cool large spaces down to compact ones, which will work well in small areas—everything in between. Some of the highlights from our choice include:

  • In-wall units: easily installed in just about every type of home and working efficiently for both cooling and heating.
  • Ceiling cassette units: ideal units for commercial areas or rooms limited in wall space since they are designed to distribute the air within a room uniformly.
  • Floor-mounted units: perfect for rooms with low ceilings or non-traditional layouts in that they can be installed flexibly in any manner that might be required.

Our professionals at Bonterra supply you with the right unit for each of your requirements. Confidence will come from expert guidance in your purchase, making it worth an investment for comfort and energy efficiency all year round.

Find Cooper & Hunter Mini Splits for Sale

Bonterra proudly offers one of the most trusted brands in the industry: Cooper & Hunter mini splits. Cooper & Hunter systems are second to none with a reputation built on reliability, advanced technology, and superior performance. Here are a few reasons to opt for Cooper & Hunter mini splits:

  • Innovative Technology: Cooper & Hunter mini splits are fitted with state-of-the-art inverter technology that makes them work effectively to consume less energy.
  • Quiet Operation: These units are designed for quiet operation and hence shall create a perfect ambiance in your bedrooms, office, or other noise-sensitive areas.
  • Durability and Reliability: Long years of trouble-free operation of units by Cooper & Hunter are guaranteed due to a high quality of components used and rigorous testing.

When you choose a mini-split of Cooper & Hunter brand from Bonterra, you choose a system that will provide you with years of no hassle and highly efficient cooling and heating. We are a team dedicated to always being available for help in answering questions and to assist in finding you the perfect mini-split for your application.

In conclusion Bonterra is the answer for mini splits. From our diverse mini splits for sale to top-of-the-line Cooper & Hunter systems, be assured that we shall help you find the exact solution needed for either your home or business. Explore what we have in store for you and experience the Bonterra difference in both Quality and Service.

Find Air-Con Mini Splits for Sale

Along with Cooper & Hunter, Bonterra is also proudly offering mini-splits from Air-Con. Air-Con maintains esteemed positions for the high quality and energy efficiency theirmini-split systems offer. Here is why Air-Con stands at the very top :

  • Logic Climate Control: Air-Con mini-splits come equipped with the latest in climate control technology for precise temperature regulation and enhanced comfort.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation: These systems are designed to be eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint while ensuring high efficiency.
  • Robust Construction: Air-Con units are built for both harsh and demanding environmental conditions to ensure a long lifetime with trustworthy reliability.
    Choosing an Air-Con mini split by Bonterra means that customers have invested in state-of-the-art technology along with truly dependable performance. Our professional team is on standby to assist you in sorting through your options and to choose the best Air-Con unit to satisfy your exact cooling or heating demand.

Bonterra is your mini-split headquarters. We proudly offer a wide array of mini-splits devices on sale—from high-quality Cooper & Hunter and Air-Con systems so that you get exactly the right fix for your home or business.

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