Marey 26L Tankless Hot Water Heater Natural Gas Outdoor Whole House 8.8 GPM




  • Outdoor installation – does not require ventilation
  • CSA certified for US and Canadian use.
  • Whole house solution for multiple points of use, ideal for apartments, cabins, tiny houses in a wide range of home and light commercial applications
  • Rated at maximum 6.8 GPM (45 rise), 180,000 BTU/hr. maximum.
  • Energy factor of 0.81
  • Anti-freezing protection activated when the temperature is lower than 41 (5).
  • Includes digital remote control with a 25ft remote control cable.
  • Constant temperature design provides comfortable hot water at a pre-set temperature from 95 (35) to 158 (70)
  • Multiple safety features include; flame-out protection, Anti-dry burning protection, Over-heat protection, High water pressure protection, Anti-freezing protection
  • Not recommend for elevations above 2000 ft.




















Marey 8.8 GPM, 26L outdoor natural gas tankless water heater is a great whole-house outdoor solution for 3 or more multiple points of use. This unit is ideal for apartments, cabins, tiny houses or as a point of use in a wide range of home and light commercial applications. Marey’s unit has a maximum input rating of 180,000 BTU/hour and will provide a flow rate of up to 6.8GPM output at a 45°F temperature rise. The multiple safety features included in the design of this unit afford users peace of mind. The ability to pre-set your desired hot water temperature via the remote control makes this unit both user and environmentally friendly. The tankless technology saves valuable energy and water resources contributing to financial as well as environmental savings




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