Cooper & Hunter HYPER Heat 24000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 20.5 Seer

  • Year-Round Comfort: This powerful mini split AC is an air conditioner and heater all in one. Highly efficient, whisper quiet, made from the highest quality materials.
  • Independent Zone Control: Delivers conditioned air directly to each room where the temperature is independently controlled.
  • Serious Money Saver: No ducts, means no leaks. Add in the inverter that eliminates high-amp starts & stops and independent zone control, this unit can save you up to 60%.
  • What's Included: You'll receive the outside compressor, which is already fully charged with refrigerant, air handlers with remotes, 15' installation kits and electrical wiring, and experienced technicians available for installation support.


Single Zone - 1 Zones - 24,000 BTU 20.5 Seer

With a single zone air conditioner, each room can be addressed individually. The right system for you depends on how you'll use each room, ambient air flow characteristics and where you live. We'll help you make the right choice e.  contact us  for assistance .

* In inverter systems, the compressor adjusts the motor speed to match whatever capacity is required by the interior air handlers. It will operate at higher than rated capacity during times of high load requirement. The rated BTU of an inverter compressor is normally lower than the combined BTU total of the air handlers.

Use this sizing chart as a guide.  It is based on averages… It will be necessary for you to adjust your calculations based on your conditions; i.e.  Ceiling height(s), Insulation, number of windows, type of windows and percentage to windows to your room.

You can install the unit by; setting the condenser, installing the lineset(s) (cooper & electrical lines from the condenser to each air handler), and directing the condensation line(s) to a drain or to the outside; however, things you need to know.


All our units come with the outside condensers, pre-charged, not the linesets.  In order to qualify for your warranty, all our manufactures require that a licensed HVAC professional pressurize (vacuum) the lineset(s), before turning on the unit. Reducing the air in the linesets will maximize the efficiency of your unit over its life.  This is typically a minimum service fee, since they are not adding coolant to the system.  Please keep a record of their license number and contact information.  Remember you must go on the manufacture's website and register your product within the time limit permitted.


We're an experienced HVAC dealer and have been helping clients select just the right system for over twelve years.


We're a factory direct dealer. That means we get the lowest volume prices and we pass them on to you!


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All our products are shipped to you Free; shipping is included in our pricing. We ship multiple USA Warehouses throughout the 48 contiguous states. All large HVAC systems are shipped via freight carries due to the weight. Depending on how rural your location delivery times will vary. However, small or lightweight items are shipped via UPS or FedEx ground.

We offer a 30 day no-hassle return. As soon as your order arrives back at our warehouse and it is inspected, (all boxes need to be unopened for full credit); we will then issue your prompt payment less the return shipping cost.
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